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'Moment' video- Behind The Scenes

My brand new single 'Moment' has just been released! Who has heard it?

I made a cool stop- motion video which you can watch here, and I'm going to explain briefly how we did it...

I obtained the paper mache 3D letters from a DIY store and spray painted them black. I then painted the circular board on which they stand white and fitted a white backdrop behind. I positioned the GoPro and paired it with the GoPro app on my iPad so I could change settings and take pictures remotely.

The video is divided into clips each lasting 4 seconds. They each loop around 38 times during the 2m:34s song. I wanted to use a frame rate of 24fps to ensure the clip ran smoothly so this meant I needed to shoot 96 pictures. 

During the 4 seconds, the board on which the letters stand on rotates through 360 degrees. Therefore, between each shot we had to rotate the board between 3 and 6 degrees (depending on the perceived speed we wanted at certain points during the sequence). 


To make the letters appear to move inwards and outwards, we marked out how far we had to move the letters each time and we moved them very carefully between taking shots (see picture below).


To spell out the word 'moment' we simply added a letter every three shots. We then removed one letter every three shots to make them disappear. 

After taking 96 shots, I loaded the pictures into a piece of stop- motion animation software which lets you set the export frame rate and compiles them into a video. I exported it into Adobe Premier where I looped the clip and synced it with the audio.

I hope you enjoyed this short look behind the scenes! Let me know what you think and contact me if you would like to know more details.

Watch the video and listen to 'Moment' here.

Huge thank you to everyone for all your support.