Tom Marlow simply has music running through his veins. His new spin on pop draws inspiration from dance and hip-hop. Expect strong beats, grooving bass lines, retro synths and vocal hooks that will stick in your head like glue. At just 21, Tom is an exciting new talent with a determined plan to grab the attention of the industry. Though an accomplished musician and avid producer, he is just as comfortable storytelling through his lyrics.

Since a young age, this roaring talent has embraced the music within and started out playing solo trombone in a band. At 13 he picked up an electric guitar for the first time and the fire could no longer be tamed! He has since acquired the skills to play bass, piano, synthesizer and drums. Tom takes it back to basics playing only live instruments in his music. This expanding talent has seen him perform within multiple bands, writing the music and commanding the role of lead guitar. The result so far being to record in esteemed studios, tour the UK and support many great acts including Catfish and the Bottlemen.

Over the last year, Tom has ascertained his love for producing his own music at his Leicester based home studio. Retreating to this back room of his house, Tom is at his most creative and from here his passion for music transpires. Incessantly writing music, his heart and soul being poured into every track, his brand new single 'Chain Reaction' ft. Eyez & ReggiiMental is out now!