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  • How does it all work? Where do I start?
    I like to make the process of working with my clients as easy and enjoyable as possible! Send an enquiry so that I know a bit about you and your project. Include information such as what your project entails, your genre, your timeline and your budget. I'll get back to you shortly after with a quote for your project, and to set up a video or phone call to discuss how we can work together in further detail. If you decide to go ahead and work with me on your project, I'll send across a contract which we will both sign. I'll then send you an invoice, and upon receipt of payment I will get started on your project! A Dropbox designed for you will be created where you can view progress files to keep up with my work on your project. At various stages throughout the project, we can set up calls where necessary to discuss ideas as I work through your project. Once I have completed your project, I will upload the agreed final files to your Dropbox after having received the final payment.
  • Can you work remotely with clients if I am not based in London?
    No problem! Most of my projects happen in this way. We can communicate via video or phone call, and I'll share all files with you through Dropbox so you can keep up with where I'm at with your project.
  • What does a typical project workflow look like?
    Once we have had our initial call, agreed upon how we're going to work together and signed the contract, I'll send you an invoice. The way that payments are structured depends on the specific project and what has been agreed. Typically, for a project where a client sends me a piano and vocal demo and wants me to produce, mix and master their track, I split the payment into 3. I ask for an initial payment of 50% of the total cost. Once I have completed the instrumental and you're happy, I'll send another invoice for a further 25% of the total cost. When the final vocals have been recorded and I have completed the final mix, I'll send a final invoice for the remaining 25% of the total cost. I will then master your track, at which point the project is complete and I will deliver the agreed final files to your dropbox. After the initial invoice has been paid, I will begin work on your project. The following shows my typical workflow for a project involving production, mixing and mastering: I'll ask for your demo along with a few reference tracks similar to what you're wanting to achieve with your project. I'll come back to you with my initial ideas for types of sounds/instrumentation to make sure we're on the same page before I begin work on your track. At this point, I'll give you an ETA for when to expect the first demo from me. I'll complete a first draft of your track from the beginning through to the end of the first chorus, which I'll upload to Dropbox to get your thoughts on. We can then make any changes you'd like to instrumentation/sounds before I continue work on the rest of the track. I'll then complete a full pass of the instrumental which we can make further revisions to if required. I'll upload this to Dropbox so you can go away and record your final vocals, or come to my studio depending on what was decided on. After I have received your final vocals, I'll go ahead and complete a final mix, making revisions if required. Finally, I'll master your track, and deliver the agreed final files to Dropbox.
  • How much will my project cost?
    The cost for your project will vary depending on the scale and what is required of me to complete your project. General prices: - Production, mixing and mastering: From £650. I'll take your initial demo (for example a piano and vocal recording/ guitar and vocal recording) and turn it into a commercially competitive radio-ready track! - Production: From £450. I'll take your voice note and create a fully produced track, which you can send to a external mixing engineer if desired. - Mixing: From £250. I'll take your produced track and turn it into the polished and sparkling song you're longing for, mixing it to a commercially competitive standard. - Mastering: From £50. I can master your track to not only get it ready for release on all streaming sites, but make it stand up against your favourite songs! - Vocal production and tuning: From £100. I'll take your raw vocal recordings and turn them into polished, radio-ready sounding vocals. - Guitar and bass tracking: From £70. If you need a touch of live guitar or bass adding to your track, I can cover most genres from rock to house. The cost of your project will be agreed upon prior to the project beginning.
  • How long will it take to complete my project?
    I will complete your project as quickly as possible, meeting our agreed upon delivery date. The turnaround time for each project will vary depending on their scope.
  • Does your studio have recording facilities?
    My studio is a fully acoustically treated professional home production and mixing studio. I can record high quality vocals and guitars in my space.
  • I'm not from the UK, will you take on my project?
    Absolutely! I love working with artists from all over the world. Send me your enquiry and we can get started!
  • What do you do with my data?
    I will keep all of your data private and I will not share it with anyone. I will only use your information to contact you about you project, unless agreed upon otherwise.

Tom Marlow is a London based Music Producer, Mixing Engineer and Songwriter. To see how you can work together, get in touch and book a call to discuss your project with Tom.

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